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when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

When it occured to us that “said” implies a direct quote, while “was like” clarifies that you mean to communicate the person’s tone and general point without quoting them word for word.


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Avocadoes may be safe for dogs to eat, but it looks like I really shouldn’t have used avocado wood to smoke a turkey for Christmas dinner 2012.

That was the best fuckin’ turkey I ever ate, though.

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foods dangerous to dogs:

  1. avocadoes
  2. alcohol
  3. raw bread dough
  4. caffeine
  5. chocolate
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. macadamia nuts
  9. raw salmon
  10. xylitol (artificial sweeteners)

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Number 1 on the list is bullshit. I personally know 7 dogs down in Guatemala that practically live on avocadoes (they live on a farm with 8 avocado trees, and they eat the avocadoes that continually drop from the trees).

I also think number 7 is bullshit as well. I’ve rubbed garlic oil into my dog’s fur as a way to keep fleas away. I made her swallow a raw clove as well, thinking it would get into her blood and cause her to give off odors that repelled ticks. It didn’t seem to have any negative effect on her.

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people are suspiciously surprised when a homeless person has a skill/talent, like oh we thought they were inherently without value but hey look this one can sing!

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Watch what happens when you put a homeless guy in a suit: people give him money. Even homeless people give him money!

Moral of the story: when you wear a suit and look presentable, people are more likely to help you out of a jam.

Good to know.

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If there is a worldwide depression, people will blame it merely on someone’s economic mismanagement, forgetting that in earlier times when small communities were largely self-sufficient, their welfare did not depend on the decisions of government economists.
Ted Kaczynski, September 18th 2004
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Throwback Thursday! This was taken almost 10 years ago, on June 28th 2004.

I miss how life was 10 years ago, man.

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Libertarian activist Jason Christie trolls the police state.

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Education is not a passive thing. You don’t tip your head and somebody pours it in your ear. It’s an active process, where you are finding out about the world and your place in it.
President Obama (via chels)
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More than 325 arrested in North Jersey anti-heroin effort, Bergen prosecutor says

Jeez, what the fuck is up with this rampant heroin abuse epidemic that seems to have taken over the country over the course of the past decade? It really seems to be coming to a head lately, but I know it’s been going on for a while now.

But I was actually pleasantly surprised to read this:

Generally, low level drug defendants have their cases downgraded to a municipal court and could see the charges dismissed if they avoid arrest for six months. In Molinelli’s initiative, the accused would be handled by the specialized court, receive resources for battling addiction and possibly face dismissal after two or three years.

"The last thing we want is for most of these users to be saddled with a criminal conviction," [Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli] said.

It’s not often I say this, but the criminal justice system is showing some foresight and compassion here. Good job guys!

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Educate the next generation to not feel entitled to sex. Tell young boys that girls are their equals, teach them that just because you’re not out banging as many ladies as possible doesn’t mean you’re failing as a man. Teach young girls that they don’t have to feel guilty for not giving into sexual pressure, and they’re every bit as worthwhile and capable as the boys. Make your son do housework, and dads, you help him. Fathers, treat women around you with respect. Basically, stop fostering this behavior that makes it really easy to breed sociopaths. Every father has that talk with his daughter to “watch out,” because “men are interested in only one thing.” But also, tell your son to not only want that “one thing” when they go looking for a partner.

If enough people do this, the next generation of children can start dismantling this structuralized sexism that pervades every aspect of society to the point where we don’t even notice most of it. Imagine a world where people aren’t governed by sex, or sex appeal, or fear of having sex against their will. It would free up so much time.